EAA was founded in 2000 by a group of leading San Francisco Bay Area structural engineers with the initial goal of merging visual and performing arts with the world of engineering. Recognizing the value of a hands-on approach to education, we started placing engineers and designers into classrooms to share their time, talent, and technical expertise directly with students. Our first pilot project launched in 2001 in two San Francisco Unified School District high schools, and our programs have since been adopted by multiple schools throughout the Bay Area, benefiting thousands of students.

Our Board of Directors is committed to ensuring the growth of this innovative program by continuing to work with educators, engineers, and the design community to refine and improve the curriculum; building our ranks of progressive supporters, volunteers, and donors; and exposing more students to the arts and engineering by expanding the program footprint across the nation.

“EAA is doing so much more than bringing engineers into the classroom. In a broader view, it is exposing students to a world of professional career paths and opening up a new world for students to consider.”
Jax Kneppers
Past President, EAA
“This program provides a much needed link between scientific and mathematical principles and practical applications. It does this while still allowing for personal expression and encouraging creativity.”
William Kotterman
Chief Executive Officer, EAA
“EAA’s program is an ideal way for teachers to enhance their math, engineering and art programs – and give kids a glimpse of a possible career and some great incentive to do well in school.”
Steve Cetrone
Chief Operating Officer, EAA
“I’m proud to be part of a program that encourages both educational and personal growth from the students!”
Ariel Creagh
Vice President, Student Impact Project, EAA


William Kotterman

President & Chief Executive Officer, EAA
Manager, Customer Success, Autodesk

Steve Cetrone

Chief Operating Officer, EAA
Vice President, Oliver & Company

Eric Chen

Chief Financial Officer, EAA
Principal, Chen Consulting LLC

Simon Ng

Vice President, Technology
Tuan and Robinson Structural Engineering, Inc

Rafael Turcios

Vice President, Student Impact Project, EAA

Demetra Tzamaras

Vice President, Student Impact Project, EAA

Thomas Byrne

CEO, Property Capsule

Jax Kneppers

President, Jax Kneppers Associates, Inc.

David Nicholson


Kit Ratcliff

Ratcliff Architects

Mark Van Velzen

Oliver & Company


Ashraf Habibullah

Founder, EAA

Founder, President, and CEO, Computers and Structures, Inc.



Michelle Lehman

Executive Director, EAA

Sam Bass


John Brimmer

US Glass and Aluminum

Ariel Creagh


Barry Frey

Frey Incorporated

Ken Klein

Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger

Janiele Maffei


Heather Meeker

O’Melveny & Myers, LLC

Patrick Murren

CEMS Engineering

Ray Pugliesi


Paul Rodriguez

Aon Risk Solutions

Hala Titus

CDM Smith