Embrace New Opportunities for Student Growth

You can bring this fully developed, project-based curriculum to your high school with the help of local industry firms. Volunteer teams of engineering, design and construction professionals lead your students on a 10-week journey of teamwork, public speaking, problem solving and creativity. Along the way, they’ll be exposed to a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) curriculum which highlights the intersection of engineering and the arts.

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Our Student Impact Project (SIP) introduces students to the concepts necessary to design and build a model bridge. Each week’s 70-minute session is led by a team of security- and background-vetted industry professionals using our fully developed curriculum, which includes all materials, classroom supplies, workbooks and guides.

Schools and participating teachers are requested to help facilitate the program, including

  • Observe and assist as volunteers use a pre-designed, in-depth, multi-disciplinary curriculum with both oral and written components.
  • Integrate a 10-week program during the curricular day into any STEAM-related class, including all levels of math, science, architecture, and any visual or performing arts class. (Note that SIP is ideally suited to Sophomore and Junior level classes, but all high school grades are encouraged to participate. Even Freshman teams have won past competitions.)
  • Work collaboratively with the volunteer engineers and designers.
  • Attend a two-hour orientation in January.
  • Participate in the Bridge Showcase & Awards Event in April.


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SIP gives engineering,
design and construction
professionals a powerful
way to make a real impact
on the lives and futures of
young students.

“The volunteers are perfect role models, especially for our female students who need to discover that they, too, can be engineers or architects.”
David Stephens, Ida B Wells High School
“EAA gives my learners a real place to grow and shine.”
Heather Dutton, Nea Community Learning Center
“This program gives students a glimpse into a world they otherwise would not see.”
Joseph Alter, Hilltop High School
EAA’s Teacher of the Year