Inspiring and educating students across the nation.

Since our inception, and because of our generous supporters and volunteers, we’ve impacted the lives of hundreds of students.


Our mission is to inspire and educate students about the interaction of art, architecture, engineering, and construction.


We offer students the unique experience of working with engineers and designers to learn problem solving, team building, and presentation skills in a project-based setting. Our Student Impact Project puts students in the role of structural engineer, designer, architect, builder, and more, while encouraging engineering professionals to share their experiences with the industry’s next generation of leaders.

Everyone involved with EAA is committed to:

  • Giving students an understanding of engineering and design principles.
  • Bringing a fresh and exciting tool to the educational experience by showcasing the arts as a critical component of engineering.
  • Exciting students about careers in engineering, architecture, construction, and connected fields by showing the wide span of industry possibilities.
  • Showing students the impact engineers and designers have on our everyday surroundings, including aesthetics, environmental impact, and quality of life.
  • Elevating the role of engineers and designers as providers of innovative educational opportunities that combine the arts and engineering to inspire future industry leaders.

Our program inspires and educates students by exposing them to engineering and design using a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) curriculum that combines technical and artistic components. And, we’re working to take our successful Bay Area program and expand it to even more schools and communities around the country. Click here to learn how you can bring the Student Impact Project to your school or community.