Engineer A Brighter Future for Local Students

Use your experience in engineering and design to inspire a student’s imagination by volunteering to run or participate in our Student Impact Program (SIP) in a local high school. SIP lets you give students a glimpse into the engaging world of engineering, architecture, design, and construction as they build a model bridge across a 10-week curriculum. With just a few hours of your time, you can help build the future of your industry.

Contact us to learn how you can become a member of a volunteer team, build support within your company, find a high school to participate, or bring our program to your region.

As a volunteer for SIP, you’ll join other engineers, architects, designers, and more as you help students understand your training, career, and industry. It’s a powerful vehicle for industry professionals like you to make a real impact on the lives and futures of young students.

In the program, teams of 3 to 5 volunteers teach fundamental engineering and design principles as student teams work to design, build, and test a model bridge. One volunteer will lead each team and coordinate team activities. All materials and curriculum are provided, as well as training videos and extensive support from our SIP Support Team.

SIP gives engineering,
design and construction
professionals a powerful
way to make a real impact
on the lives and futures of
young students.

Volunteers are requested to participate in the program over a 10-week period, including:

  • Attend a two-hour orientation in January.
  • Participate each week of the program, which runs from February to May.
  • Assist the lead volunteer in teaching weekly 90-minute classroom sessions.
  • Spend 30-minutes preparing for each week’s classroom session.
  • Account for commute time, typically one hour per week.
  • Attend and participate in the annual Bridge Showcase & Awards Event in April.

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