The Student Impact Project (SIP) brings professional engineers and designers to lead, teach, and engage students in the design and construction of model bridges. Emphasizing learning across STEAM-related fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), our project-based program encourages teamwork and gives students the unique opportunity to collaborate as they would in a real-world work environment. The importance of both functional and creative components are emphasized throughout the SIP.

The fully developed curriculum is presented in high school classes by our industry volunteers over a ten-week period from February to April. In each class, a team of 2 to 5 engineers and architects serve as guides with an experienced lead engineer who coordinates with teachers and other team members. Volunteers lead classes and share knowledge of their field while exposing students to engineering, design, and construction-related concepts and careers. This format gets students more engaged by working with professionals face-to-face on a real project that results in a tangible outcome.

Once bridges have been completed, each class holds a preliminary competition and the top scoring teams from each school move on to EAA’s Annual Bridge Showcase & Awards Event. Here teams compete by presenting their bridge to an independent panel of expert judges and provide details of their process, design and aesthetic influences. The cumulative experience transforms the educational process, promoting a broader scope of academic and personal development.

Our programs are currently at high schools throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and in several cities across the nation. We’re working hard to expand the Student Impact Project to more regions throughout the country. If you’re interested in bringing our program to your city or school, learn more about our expansion efforts.


Each team of students is provided with the same construction materials, consisting of various supplies and equipment.