Each year, Engineers Alliance for the Arts is proud to honor individual teachers and volunteers that have made a difference in our Student Impact Project. These recipients are presented with an award and receive recognition at the fall SEAONC meeting. We applaud and congratulate all past winners of the awards.

EAA Teacher of the Year
2017: Joseph Alter
2016: Daniel Pasker
2015: Keith Carames
2014: —
2013: Gigi Torres
2012: Linda O’Connor
2011: Karen Melander
William S. Kaplan Volunteer of the Year
2018: Karen Vogt-Wilcox
2017: Charlotte Wong
2016: Dave Miller
2015: Patrick Murren
2014: Clifton Neff
2013: Tayrn Williams
2012: Derrick Lind
2011: Will Kotterman and Laura Whitehurst